The cable car and Montserrat

Inaugurated in 1930, the Montserrat cable car has become the safest and fastest way to get to Montserrat. With a route of 1,350 m and an average speed of 5 m/s, it takes just five minutes to climb the mountain, rising through inclines of up to 45% and offering you unbeatable panoramic views of the famous monumental Rosary of the Virgin.



Montserrat is a mountain of unique beauty situated right in the centre of Catalonia. It is home to the Sanctuary, where pilgrims and visitors can revere the magnificent 12th-century sculpture of the Virgin Mary, to the Escolania (today considered to be the oldest childrens’ school of music in Europe) and to the Benedictine monastery, founded in the 11th century. These historic buildings are all testimony to the religion and culture that characterise Catalan people.

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